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Inspection Services

WJM Engineering, Inc. provides our clients with quality and thorough inspection. Our inspection services include foundations, roofing, structural framing, facades and cladding systems, building envelope, door and window flashings, and water resistive barrier. We also conduct moisture content testing of walls with various claddings and conduct forensic investigations of exterior building envelopes to assess water management details. Our inspection services have identified major construction defects at the beginning of projects have saved owners significant future costs and avoided potential construction delays to correct faulty work. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and see how we can assist with quality control inspections for your specific project. We create custom inspection programs to meet your specific project requirements.

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Roofing
  • Framing
  • Exterior and Landscape
  • Building Envelope
  • House Wrap and Window Flashing
  • Adhered Stone Veneer, Brick, and Siding
  • Moisture Content Testing of Walls with Stucco, Brick, and Siding
  • Forensic Investigation of Exterior Building Envelope and Water Management