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WJM projects

Single Family Dwelling Inspections

Production builders face numerous challenges during construction projects including construction defects, schedule delays, and quality control issues. Construction defects and poor workmanship can lead to expensive and time-consuming construction defect litigation. WJM Engineering provided Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) inspections for 173 single family residences. The inspection services identified numerous construction defects and workmanship issues early in the project which were subsequently identified and corrected by the builder, and reinspected, prior to completion of the project. The completed inspection services and inspection reports document and ensure that construction is in conformance with the construction documents. Scheduling of inspections requires coordination with site supervisors as well as their subcontractors and material deliveries. WJM Engineering’s in house office manager and project scheduler coordinates with all parties to ensure timely completion of inspections and issuance of inspection reports to reduce the potential of construction delays.

Our work included

  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Site Observations and Reports
  • Water Resistive Barrier
  • Legal Litigation Prevention
  • Quality Control
  • Water Infiltration Prevention
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